How to register Facebook by 10 minute email?

When we share photographs, we like going to the most popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, twitter, and instagram. Nowadays, the auditing of major social networking sites is becoming more and more strict. An ordinary email account or mobile phone number can only register one social account, and if we register through traditional email account, we will receive several marketing emails from social networking sites every day. This is not what we want. it will take us a lot of unnecessary energy and waste our time. So, why not sign up for Facebook with a 10 minute temporary email?

We all know that FACEBOOK can be verified and registered by email. Users only need to enter the information and click submit to receive the FACEBOOK verification code and confirmation link. After passing the verification code, a facebook account will be successfully registered.

By visiting , you can generate multiple temporary mailboxes. Click "new", then select the domain name, enter the username you want to generate, for example, enter jason77 here.

10 Minute Mail Facebook

10 Minute Mail Facebook

In addition, you can also generate random mailboxes, all generated mail address are in the list, you can choose any one to use.

10 Minute Mail Facebook

Temp mail, which protects personal data is convenient and fast, use to register a social account now!

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