What is 10 minute gmail? what is gmail temp mail ?

Gmail also known as googlemail, has always been our most commonly used mail service due to its free and stable characteristics. I think many people have been using gmail for a long time,but there is a hidden function that has not been known by many of us. That's gmail temp mail! What? GMAIL has a temporary mail? Yes, GMAIL does have a temporary mailbox, and a GMAIL account can generate unlimited temporary email address, we can use the gmail temp mail to register on websites and services.

How to use gmail temp mail?

1. Add "." in usernames

For example, my gmail is 10-minutemail@gmail.com, then my gmail temporary mail addresses are

10-minute.mail@gmail.com、10-minut.email@gmail.com etc...

"." can be added anywhere in the username.

gmail temp mail

2. Add "+" behind the username, and then add any letters or words behind "+".

For example, our gmail is 10-minutemail@gmail.com, then our temporary mail addresses are 10-minutemail+john@gmail.com, 10-minutemail+perter@gmail.com, etc.

gmail temp mail

Successfully registered on twitter

gmail temp mail

3. Use googlemail domain name

If our gmail is 10-minutemail@gmail.com, we can also receive mail using 10-minutemail@googlemail.com.

gmail temp mail

4. Use a combination of the above three methods

Example: 10-minutemail+peter@googlemail.com

What is the difference between gmail temp mail and 10 minute mail?

10 minute mail

Once the 10 minute mail address expires, all mails will be destroyed, no advertising mail or spam will be received from then on.

Gmail temp mail

Although we can get unlimited gmail temp mail accounts, but for every website we register, all mails will be sent to our original mailbox. Some websites can even recognize gmail temporary mail address, such as facebook.

gmail temp mail

By now you should know that there is no "10 minute gmail" at all, but there are unlimited gmail temp mail accounts.

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What other names does 10 minute mail have?

10 minute mail

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