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What is 10 minute email?

10 minute email is a free disposable email service. You only need to visit the web page to get a new email address. The usage time is usually 10 minutes. After expiration, all emails are automatically destroyed and no one can access them again.


Why provide 10 minute email?

We need email addresses to download content on websites, register for forum posts, and log in to social sites. If we use ordinary email addresses to register for these services, we will receive a lot of advertising emails or spam. If the website database were leaked, our data could also be accessed by bad guys. At this time, a simple, safe, fast, random mailbox becomes the solution to the problem.


where can we use 10 minute mail?

  • Public WiFi registration (travel, hotels, restaurants, cafes, HotSpot, gyms, etc.).
  • Post comments on different blogs or forums.
  • Accessing web articles is available only after registration.
  • Online Games - Anonymous Games.
  • Free Ebook downloads when you need to present your email address.
  • Anonymous file sharing (Mediafire, FileShare, Mega, Zippyshare, DropSend, 4Shared, etc.).
  • Get all of these free trials (software, Spotify, HBO, Netflix, etc.).
  • Dating sites with anonymity (DateYou, Flirt, FindeDates, LoversLab, Tinder, IAmNaughty, etc.)
  • One-time, anonymous online shopping (adult toys, etc.)
  • Antispied Social Accounts (Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc.)
  • Privacy Protection - Avoid hackers from getting your email ID to hack into your bank account, Facebook/Instagram account, work email, etc.

In the above situation or many other situations, a 10-minute temporary mail will bring you great security and convenience.

Where NOT to use Temporary Emails?
Since 10 minute mail is disposable and self-destructed, please do not use it in the following cases.
  • Important work emails
  • Banks, schools, financial systems
  • Government departments, military

9 major features provided by our website

1. No need to register, use directly
Ordinary mailboxes require user registration, and some even require verification before they can be used. However, you only need to visit our websites to generate a new email address, it can save you time.
2. Completely avoid spam
After the registration of the website is completed by your ordinary mailbox, you will receive a lot of spam and advertising mail. however, by using our service, the mail will be automatically destroyed after 10 minutes, and no spam will be received.
3. Protect privacy
If the same ordinary mailbox is registered on multiple websites, it will be associated with personal information. Once the website database is leaked, your personal information will be leaked on the Internet, posing a great security risk. All email addresses provided by our website are for one-time use, when the temporary mailbox is deleted, no one can read it again.
4. Unlimited EMAIL accounts
You only need to click "Delete" or "New" on this website to create a new email account within 1 second, and you can create unlimited accounts every day.
5. Customize
By creating a new mail address, you can enter the desired user name and select the desired domain name to generate a new mailbox within 1 second.
6. Increase usage time
Before the mail address expires, you can extend the usage time of the mail.20 minutes mail,30 minutes mail,60 minutes mail, and 24 hours mail are also available.
7. Mobile device support
We provide a mobile version of the web page, you can easily use our services on your mobile phone.
8. Change the domain name
We will update the email domain name every 40 days to prevent network administrators from blocking our email domain name.
9. Completely free
Some regular mail address charges a fee, but our website is completely free.

Are you excited?

Beat Spam with 10-minutemail now!

10-minutemail.org keeps you away from spam and privacy issues, that is why we created this. If you find it useful, please bookmark this website.